GE Industrial Solutions

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GE Industrial Solutions, a GE heritage business, is leading the future of electrification with advanced technologies that distribute, protect, and control. We provide customers, across various industries, with end-to-end product and service solutions that ensure the reliability and protection of the electrical infrastructure; from the power station to the end point and the sustainable power technologies in between. Some of our products include: Switchgear, switchboards, busway, transformers, panel boards, circuit breakers, safety switches, motor control centers, starters and drive. Check out our full offering at:

GE Protection & Control

GE Critical Power

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  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Critical Power Distribution
  • DC Power Systems
  • Surge Protective Devices
  • Paralleling Switchgear
  • Uninterruptibale Power Supplies – Flywheel, Single & Three Phase
  • Complete Data Center Solutions

Vynckier Enclosure

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Vynckier enclosures are well suited for a wide variety of applications. If it is important that your electrical/electronic components be protected from environmental factors such as water, wind, dust, chemical, etc. then we have a  solution for you. Our enclosures are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate nearly every situation.

From small, hand held pushbutton enclosures to large freestanding cabinets, Vynckier Enclosure Systems offers a large variety and inventory of nonmetallic NEMA rated enclosures and cabinets.

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MegAlert is committed to making the workplace safer by bringing you devices that provide “hands-off” testing, which prevent disastrous accidents from occurring and even saves lives. With an estimated five to ten arc flash accidents occurring daily-far too often resulting in fatalities-motor and generator safety is more important then ever. Our devices allow for required testing to be done from outside of the cabinet, protecting personnel from exposure to potentially deadly arc flashes.

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